Top Gear is one of the nation’s most-loved programmes, as well as a worldwide hit. When I heard that the team were filming in Lincoln, I decided to go and investigate for myself.

James May and Jeremy Clarkson were testing electric cars, driving through Lincoln with a film crew. James May, driving the Nissan Leaf, broke down outside of the Lincolnshire Echo offices, opposite the University of Lincoln campus, where members of the public helped him down, closely followed by Jeremy Clarkson, driving a Peugeot iOn.

Once outside the university, the duo was greeted to a crowd of students, hoping to get a glimpse of their driving heroes. Attempting to charge his car (simply using electricity from an everyday plug), Clarkson threw an extension lead towards the canals on the Brayford which fell short.

Clarkson then walked down the side of the Brayford in an attempt to find an electricity outlet but resorted to parking directly outside the University of Lincoln’s Admin building, where the cars were charged.

As electric cars take a good while to charge, the two of them were taken to nearby restaurant, Prezzo, where they are currently enjoying a meal, being watched by yet another crowd of people.

It’s not known when the episode will go live on BBC Two but a new series of the programme is set to start in June. I’ll definitely be watching. You may even see me in the background at some point.