“That Play That Goes Wrong” first started life in a London pub theatre in front of an audience of just four people. Since then, the production has gone on to entertain hundreds of thousands across the world and racked up numerous awards in the process… so they must be doing something right.

Following extensive runs on the West End and Broadway, the play has embarked on a UK tour, which includes a string of dates at the Darlington Hippodrome.

The show follows The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, an amateur dramatics group, who are putting on a 1920s murder mystery known as “Murder at Haversham Manor”.

However, everything that can go wrong… does; actors forget their lines, pieces of the set collapse and props go missing, yet the accident-prone performers battle on against all the odds to reach their final curtain call.

It’s all intentional, of course, as this compilation of bloopers has been designed and scripted by Mischief Theatre’s Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields.

From the word go, The Play That Goes Wrong is brimming with hilarity, and the laughs come quick and fast thanks to each of the cast’s impeccable comic timing.

This is perfectly complemented by Nigel Hook’s impressive set design, which seamlessly falls apart within inches of the troupe’s heads and allows the play to flow naturally, in spite of all of the “mishaps”.

Whilst the humour isn’t particularly witty or subtle, The Play That Goes Wrong certainly delivers a lot of belly laughs over the two hours, which can be enjoyed by theatre-goers of all ages.

Hilarious from start to finish with a talented cast and tremendous set design, “The Play That Goes Wrong” is the perfect production, even if the name suggests otherwise.

“The Play That Goes Wrong” is at Darlington Hippodrome until Saturday, March 10th, 2018. Tickets are available from the Darlington Hippodrome box office on 01325 405405 or from the website.