Since winning the “if.comedy” Best Newcomer Award in 2008, Sarah Millican has gone from strength to strength, almost selling out all of her shows across the country. Her latest tour, “Thoroughly Modern Millican,” stopped off at Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Tuesday, December 13th.

Millican’s stand-up routines have come under criticism for constantly talking about her boyfriend and food. Nevertheless, this didn’t bother the people of Lincoln, who were laughing at all of her jokes.

Throughout the gig, the South Shields comedian was particularly strong with her audience interaction, which often gained humorous responses. She asked the question: “How do you know there’s still love in a relationship?” which was greeted to the reply of “morning boner” from an onlooker – something that filled the venue with laughter.

Similarly, Millican spoke of the time she ran out of toilet paper and was forced to wipe her bum with Flash wipes. She asked if any of the audience had used alternatives to wiping their backside, to which someone replied “gravel.”

Nevertheless, it wasn’t quite as cringeworthy as Sarah Millican’s friend who used a sandwich, to which she followed “you’ll never look at Nutella in the same way again.”

Sarah Millican also provided some words of wisdom as she spoke of a bad experience during a trip to Lightwater Valley (which she described as “a s**t version of Alton Towers”). While on a ride, she came up with a bumper car and dodgem theory: those who live life safely are dodgems, while those who aren’t afraid to take risks are bumper cars.

Having admitted she was more of a dodgem, Sarah Millican told the story of how her over-protective mother wouldn’t let her eat “Space Dust” as a child as she thought it was a drug. Nonetheless, the 36-year-old rebelled by eating a packet of the stuff on stage, which she exclaimed “if only blowjobs were this nice, I’d swallow more!”

Millican left the stage to thunderous applause and returned for her encore, which consisted of trying some new material. With the exception of one of her jokes, the content went down a storm with the crowd.

Millican put in a fantastic performance at the Engine Shed. While her content is very feminine-based, it can still be enjoyed by a male audience and was a thoroughly enjoyable night all-in-all.