Walking on stage to the deafening sound of kazoos (a tactic purposely done to make onlookers jump out of their skin), Ray Peacock appeared at Seen in Darlington on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015, for his aptly-named “Here Comes Trouble” show.

Real name Ian Boldsworth, the comedian began by recalling his spur of the moment antics which, more often than not, saw him getting into trouble. Such anecdotes include letting his non-driving friend Ed Gamble take the wheel on a motorway, phoning “The Jeremy Kyle Show” at every opportunity and starting an early morning search for Andy from the Sky Help Team on Twitter following the loss of his broadband.

Throughout the hour and a half-long show, Ray Peacock told personal stories involving the breakdown of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, the bond he had with his parents, his mental health and (most shockingly) his failed suicide attempt. Despite addressing dark issues surrounding his mental health, Peacock proved to be an undoubtedly compelling storyteller, who repeatedly brought the show back to life with a sharp gag.

Following the interval, Peacock, who regularly provides the warm-up for shows including “Red Dwarf”, “Not Going Out” and “Russell Howard’s Good News”, reeled off more of his mischievous frolics.

Such stories included the time he joined a throng of teenage girls outside Justin Bieber’s hotel, getting himself barred from Blackpool Pleasure Beach and when he framed his friend for following him while driving (which he assured was worth every penny of his £1,000 fine for wasting police time).

Hilarious from the word go, Ray Peacock’s “Here Come Trouble” is a truly captivating journey in which he offers the audience a small taster of what goes on in his head. This is a must-see show.