23 year old, Jack Whitehall  embarked on the “Let’s Not Speak of This Again” tour, which stopped off at Lincoln’s Engine Shed as part of the Lincoln Comedy Festival on October 10th 2011.

The star has made multiple television appearances on “8 Out Of 10 Cats,” “Live At The Apollo” and on new Channel 4 sitcom, “Fresh Meat.” The 23 year old comedian.

Whitehall’s popularity was evident amongst the students in Lincoln as the comedian was forced to add a late show, managing to almost sell out both.

Coming out onto the stage to Guns n Roses – “Sweet Child of Mine,” Whitehall attempted to recreate Al Murray’s signature entrance of downing a pint, though drastically failed, providing the first laughs of the night.

Whitehall’s set consisted of him growing up, as well as his relationships with his Geordie girlfriend and his mother.

He also talked of his experience at a gig when he had to look after his girlfriend’s “dwarf” friend, who he had to take to the toilet, and an over-exaggerated “Come Dine With Me” sketch that demonstrated how contestants on the show give low scores.

Whitehall had a few moments of audience interaction, speaking to a heavily-built drain and sewage cleaner known as Fertile Phil, a woman who got up during the set to go to the toilet and a student who “put holes in condoms” at Superdrug.

However, it was his interaction with the audience which particularly let him down. This is where he fell a bit flat and tended to drift off course, losing the attention of the onlookers at the Engine Shed.

Whitehall finished the night talking about how his girlfriend dumped him when he came back from a fancy dress party drunk and wearing a Jagermiester covered chicken suit, before leaving the stage to a massive applause.

He returned to the stage for the encore dressed in said chicken suit, armed (or should that be winged) with a copy of Robert Pattinson’s biography. Having spent a lot of his previous tour, mocking Pattinson for his vampire role in the film, “Twilight,” Jack Whitehall couldn’t help having another go.

It was a fantastic way to end the night. While it may not have been Jack Whitehall’s strongest performance, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable show.