Since the release of his fourth album “The Evolution of Man” in November 2012, Example has gone through some major changes in his life, most noticeably his marriage to Australian model and former “Neighbours” star Erin McNaught. Furthermore, he also signed to his first major record label and carried out a vast array of charity work.

Based on these events, it comes as no surprise to see that his latest album “Live Life Living” is very upbeat compared to the dark tones of The Evolution of Man and “Playing in the Shadows” (2011), with hard trance, acid house, big beat and EDM featuring heavily throughout.

In numerous interviews, Example (real name Elliot Gleave) expressed that his fifth studio record is homage to 90s dance music, and it clearly shows. The opening track “Next Year” has a Chemical Brothers-esque synth and Oasis-like vocals, while “Take Me As I Am” contains undertones of The Prodigy. He also listed Faithless (who he supported on their UK tour in 2010) and Underworld as major influences.

The Fulham-born rapper turned singer is renowned for his energetic gigs and it looks like tracks from Live Life Living will get concertgoers bouncing once again. Co-produced by Example’s bass player Andy Sheldrake, “Only Human” is the perfect example (pardon the pun) of this. It’s a feel good track that just makes you want to let go; a definite highlight of the album.

The title track “Live Life Living” is dedicated to his wife, whom he married in May 2013. Lines such as “I have always pictured a future so lonely, ‘cos I have always lived in a world that disowned me” demonstrate how Example is now in a better place in comparison to the lows he has previously experienced. Likewise, “Can’t Face The World Alone” and “Seen You” show a softer side to the artist, who has come a long way since his Twitter spats with Cher Lloyd, The Saturdays and Alexandra Burke.

In 2013, Example announced that Live Life Living wouldn’t contain any rapping but, due to demands from his fans, he revisited a number of tracks on the album and added eight bars to each. One of these tracks was “One More Day (Stay With Me)”, which debuted at #4 in the Official UK Singles Chart. This is another great song to come out of the album and the trademark rap from Example really brings it to life.

The other singles (“All The Wrong Places” and “Kids Again”) are also very strong tracks on the album. While neither achieves the same heights as “Changed The Way You Kissed Me” or “Stay Awake”, they are a true return to form for Example.

Life Life Living closes with “Longest Goodbye”, which is about Example trying to understand what was going through his friend’s head when he took his own life. It’s a dark track that contains a lot of deep meaning and, while it doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the album’s more upbeat feel, it’s a welcome change and a nice touch.