Following the release of her debut album “1869” last year, Chess Galea has unveiled her latest track, “Rise” – a heart-breaking fusion of soul and pop.

In case you aren’t familiar with the name, Chess Galea (real name Francesca Galea) grew up in Malta, where she fell in love with pop music before going to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London (famous alumni includes Ed Sheeran and Newton Faulkner).

Since graduating from ACM, the singer-songwriter, who cites Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Madonna as her influences, has solely managed to gain radio airplay in Australia, Malta and the UK and was nominated for Best Solo Artist at the Malta Music Awards.

To date, Galea has released two EPs – “Babygirl” and “Tuxedo”, both of which were the result of two successful Kickstarter campaigns. These were closely followed by her debut album, “1869”, an eclectic mix of feel-good pop, soulful R&B and stunning ballads.

Her latest track, “Rise”, is a plea to a former partner, who used to be her shoulder to cry on. However, since their break-up, Galea has struggled to shake off her feelings for her ex and fears that they have found love again with another person.

“So how can I keep going strong, when I’m too scared you’ll move on” and “Things never turned out to luck, so I’ll make some luck of my own”, Galea sings. You can feel her dismay, as the words evoke vivid memories of past relationships and heartbreaks.

Not only does “Rise” showcase Chess Galea’s ability to write deep, meaningful lyrics, but also demonstrates her melodic, soulful vocal range, which perfectly complements Harry Morley’s tinkling piano and organ chords.

Chess Galea – “Rise” is out now and is available to purchase from iTunes. You can find out more about Chess Galea on her official website.