On Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, Twitter users were gripped to the site as #PizzaOnATrain trended worldwide. All because South Shields-born comedian Chris Ramsey ordered a Domino’s  pizza to the train he was on.

It all began on Monday, May 26th, 2014, when Chris Ramsey asked his Twitter follows this:

One of his followers responded with a link to a Daily Mail article from August 2013, in which a woman ordered a pizza to her carriage.

Based on this, Chris Ramsey decided that he’d have a go and the challenge began.

Jedward approved… naturally.

The day of the big delivery arrives.

However, fear strikes as Domino’s failed to respond to Ramsey’s direct messages!

Phew! Ramsey even got East Coast involved, who weren’t as willing to co-operate as Domino’s…

Back to the pizza and a plan was set. Doncaster at 10:45pm.

#PizzaOnATrain was even trending on Twitter…

Ramsey even received support from some other high profile comedians.

Some last minute nerves…

The pizza arrived!

Chris Ramsey recently extended his “Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Night Television” tour, following its success earlier this year. The tour, which begins in Edinburgh, comes to a conclusion in Newcastle on November 17th. A full list of dates can be viewed on his website.