A student from the University of Lincoln is raising money for the Stroke Association.

Molly Smith, who is studying Psychology with Clinical Psychology, decided to raise money for the charity after her father suffered a stroke in 2012. She explained: “The doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night and our family were devastated.

“However, he survived and, after many months in hospital, many hours of speech therapy and physio, he regained his speech and the movement in his body.

“He will never be the same as he was before the stroke; he gets tired and does still have some problems. But we are just so proud and thankful that he is here with us today.”

Smith explained how the Stroke Association helped her father and her family: “The Stroke Association really made a difference. They provided us with information so that we knew what was going on with my father, and he attended one of their community recover centres in Beccles.

“I want to raise money for stroke to support my Dad and to help people who have suffered like him. The Stroke Association is such a brilliant and helpful charity. My family have seen what a difference they can make!”

Smith, along with her partner, are looking for sponsorships as they take on a 700m white water rafting challenge on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. She said: “I have never white water rafted before and, seeing as I am the girl that was too scared to dive off the side of a boat on holiday, this should be a challenge!”

Further information about the Stroke Association can be found on their website. To donate to Smith, visit her Just Giving page.