Ms. Dynamite is expected to explode back onto the scene later this year following her break from music. Real name Naomi Arleen McLean Daley, Ms. Dynamite is also taking to the stage at festivals this summer.

I spoke to the two times BRIT Award and three time MOBO Award winner, about the summer ahead…

Ms. Dyanmite is back in a big way, and is looking to re-engage with fans at a number of the summer’s hottest events, including Lovebox, Wireless and Wakestock.

But what can we expect from her sets? She said: “I’ve really enjoyed all the festivals I’ve done for lots of types of reasons. I put lots and lots of energy into my performances. I give it my all. I want to get the crowd jumping. When I come off stage, I’m disappointed if I don’t feel I’ve given enough.”

Despite going to the festivals, Ms. Dynamite pefers to be on stage rather than in amidst the crowds and the festival atmosphere. She said: “I went to Glastonbury once when I was 14 and it put me off festivals for life.”

“I went with friends who had previously been with their parents and they knew what to expect. I came along with my brand new white trainers which I saved up for through my Saturday job and it was the worst rain for 20 years or something. I also suffered from OCD and I was infuriated with the dirt and the mess.”

If this wasn’t traumatic enough, her festival experience got worse. “The final straw was the shower. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was a communal shower. It was outdoors and it was a hanging tap. You cover your private parts and you’ve over exposed.”

“I got a bucket, filled it with water, took it back to the tent and had a strip-wash. I wasn’t coming out of the tent for the whole weekend. I refused to. The only time I did come out was to get more water. I was a bit of a festival snob at 14. It’s so unlike my character now.”

In 2003, Ms. Dynamite gave birth to a baby boy. Nevertheless, this didn’t put her off continuing her music career. She believes that getting the balance between the two is “a challenge, but a positive challenge.”

She said: “When you’re passionate about what you do and you’re passionate about your child, you make it work. I get a lot of support from my family and I also have a really good team on the music side of things.”

Since her latest single, ‘Neva Soft’ released in July 2011, Ms. Dynamite has been working on her new album.

“I’ve also done lots of writing and loads of shows. My new album has a real fusion of lots of different styles. It contains lots of genres that I’ve grown up with and that have made me the artist that I am today.”

But when can we expect the album? Ms. Dynamite said: “I’m keeping the release date vague as I don’t want to put pressure on myself but the album will hopefully be released at the end of the year or New Year. I’m desperately putting the finishing touches to it. It’s nearly there.”