Regular columnist for Al Jazeera online Dan Hind gave a talk at the University of Lincoln on Monday, March 4th, 2013.

Speaking as part of the “Journalists Speak out on Journalism” series, Hind discussed the topic of radical change and the politics of communication.

Professor Richard Keeble hosted the talk, which took place in the Main Admin Building of the University of Lincoln.

Discussing the changes in the industry, Hind told the onlookers: “Many of you are hoping to have careers in the media in some capacity. But the media are changing very fast– in ways that are increasingly threatening to journalism as a reputable profession or honest trade.”

Hind added: “The media are failing in their central responsibility – they are not providing us with information that is timely, relevant and proportionate. We are soaked in the suds of trivia and yet we run mad with thirst for reliable journalism about matters of deep importance.”

The columnist also discussed the “models of communication” in the United States during the 1920s, neo-republicanism and the republican media.

Hind concluded by outlining his thoughts on the future of “the public sphere – that realm of widely shared and politically relevant descriptions – will largely be brokered online.

“At the moment it seems that most of us will have no more say in this process than we did in the bad old days of broadcast. There will be a great show of accountability and interactivity. But the key decisions will be taken in private, by people whose activities are rarely discussed.”

He continued: “I can only recommend that you start to think more carefully about the structure of the media you have, and the structure of the media you want. With thought and care, you can remake what we have, until it serves the common good, as well as the demands of individual excellence.

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

You can read the talk in full here. Further details about the Journalists Speak out on Journalism series can be found on The Linc website.