Silent Hills

Following the reveal of a major game, social-networking websites are buzzing with excitement, as gamers spend weeks, months, sometimes even years waiting for screenshots, interviews, teaser trailers and gameplay videos to trickle into the public before the game’s highly anticipated launch.

Unfortunately, not all video games that are announced see the light of day, despite months of rumours and speculation.

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The Fall

In recent years, crowdfunding has proved a popular platform for developers to raise vital funds for their projects, no matter how ambitious they might be. One of the many success stories of crowdfunding is Over the Moon – a small studio founded by John Warner in 2013. The studio reached 224% of its funding goal on Kickstarter within a couple of months, and went on to release The Fall on Steam in May 2014. Since then, the first episode of the three-part series has trickled its way onto consoles.

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