Silent Hills

Following the reveal of a major game, social-networking websites are buzzing with excitement, as gamers spend weeks, months, sometimes even years waiting for screenshots, interviews, teaser trailers and gameplay videos to trickle into the public before the game’s highly anticipated launch.

Unfortunately, not all video games that are announced see the light of day, despite months of rumours and speculation.

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Gilligan Moss

Chicago-born Gilligan Moss was dissatisfied with the routine of “adult life” (who can blame him?), and decided to devote his time to his hobby – music production. At first, Moss began sharing tracks with his close friends, although, in 2014, he quickly built up a cult following online. Since then, he has steadily produced a stream of acerbic electronic pop, making him an upcoming artist to keep a close eye on.

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Zayn Malik

In March 2015, the pop world came to a standstill when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving One Direction to live the life of “a normal 22-year-old”. Since leaving the boyband, the 22-year-old has spent time in the studio with Naughty Boy, though the collaboration appeared to fall through after Zayn called the producer “a fat joke” in a Twitter feud in July.

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