For those who are about to rock, we salute you. Many describe Guitar Hero as being a music rhythm game controlled by using a plastic replica of the real instrument; whilst others see it as a unique gaming experience. Two years on and five games later (including Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: Encore – Rock the 80s), Neversoft (developer) and Activision (publisher) are set to revolutionize the Guitar Hero series by introducing two new instruments. The first of which is the wireless drum set.

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Despite being a writer, Tom Clancy’s name is one of the most well-known names in the gaming world. Ubisoft have attached his name to the likes of Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six Vegas and announced Clancy’s name would be attached to EndWar back in April 2007. Tom Clancy’s EndWar is a step in a new direction for Ubisoft as they clear the first/third person shooters to the side for a shot at the real-time tactical genre.

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